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With Adam Rose’s guitar lessons, you won’t just learn to play a few songs; you will gain valuable skills like reading music and developing a sense of rhythm to embark on your musical journey.

Adam Rose Guitar Instruction - Private Guitar Lessons from a Classically Trained Guitarist

Adam Rose is a professional guitar instructor and performer with over 20 years of experience. His state-of-the-art recording studio is located on the east end of Long Island, in Hampton Bays.

There, students receive private lessons tailored to them, regardless of their age or skill level. The classes are comprehensive and cover everything from how to hold the guitar properly to music theory.

Adam understands that the guitar is not a one size fits all instrument. Because of this, students can test out his extensive collection of electric and acoustic guitars that vary in both size and shape. This can help students pick the guitar that best suits them, ensuring the best results and maximum enjoyment.

Students can record lessons to review and track their progress. Yearly recitals help students feel comfortable and gain the confidence to play live.

Guitar Pedagogy


Adam was ten years old when he embarked on his musical journey while studying under the guidance of Ray Penny, a prominent instructor, and performer in the east end. During this time, he learned to read music and play the guitar with the proper technique.


This was a transformative experience that ignited a passion and love for the guitar that persists to this day. He also gained the discipline and dedication to master the craft he loves.


While in high school, Adam would take weekly trips into New York City to take lessons from Dennis Koster, who many consider this country’s leading authority on flamenco guitar. Adam’s commitment and skills earned him a scholarship of musical excellence from the Hart School of Music at the University of Hartford, where he graduated with a degree in classical guitar performance.


He’s also had the privilege to learn from world-renowned guitarist Richard Provost, whose work in guitar pedagogy earned him many accolades. Over the years, Adam performed in masterclasses with David Tenenbaum, William Kanengieser, and Alan Goldspiel. 


Through it all, Adam honed his skills to use as a performer and instructor. He incorporates everything he learned to create his unique approach to teaching. His goal is that his students will learn and feel inspired

Adam Rose - Guitar Lessons in Hampton Bays. Southampton, and in the Hamptons. Available for classical guitar performance on the East End.
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